September 27, 2022

Coquitlam Car Repair Recommendations for Spring

Winter has ended, and we can finally enjoy some spring and warmer weather. But there are few things that we must fix- you must get the cars ready for spring. You need to repair some wear and tear caused by cold weather and also get the car prepared for long spring drives and vacations. So how do you go about this? Well, here are tips to get your car ready for spring:

Change your Oil and Oil filter

Changing your car oil is an essential maintenance routine. It keeps the engine running trouble free and at the same improves your car’s useful life. Unlike winter, spring comes with a lot of long drives, and thus you need to get the oil changed to enhance your car engine performance. Follow the Coquitlam Auto Repair suggestion for oil change interval, and make sure to change the oil filters as well.

Check Your Fluids

Checking your car fluids is more of a safety measure. Check your brake, transmission and steering fluids and top them up if necessary or replace as recommended by the manufacturer. Also, check your coolant and windshield washer as well. For closed fluids, such as brakes and coolant system, low levels may indicate a leak. You should have it checked.

Check the Charging System

Winter could have messed up you charging and more so the battery and spring is the perfect time to have it tested. Check if it is properly mounted and if the connections are clean and corrosion free. The grip should also be tight. If the battery is already approaching its useful life, you should consider having it replaced.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Winter ice must have messed up with your wiper blades. Whichever condition they are in, they will not help you much with spring showers. Have them replaced.

Fix the Windshield

Chips and cracks in the windshield are common during and after winter. They are usually caused rocks on icy roads. Such damages, no matter how insignificant they may appear, they decrease the overall effectiveness of seatbelts, airbags and your safety in the event of an accident. Therefore, have the windshield repaired or replaced if the damages are beyond repair.

Check you Lighting

Both interior and exterior lightings must be checked for any faults. Defective lighting makes impossible to communicate with other motorists, and the and result could be disastrous. So, have it fixed.

Check your Tires

Your tires could have been the most affected by the winter’s icy roads. So, you should check for cuts or bruises on the sidewalls. The pressure should also be checked and on a regular basis (monthly at least). If your tires have hit ten thousand kilometers already, consider having them replaced.

Check the Hoses and Belts

When it gets extremely cold, rubber gets hardened or damaged. That’s why it is essential to have your belts and hoses checked for hardening, cracks, and other visual damages. You may as well have them replaced if the damaged are beyond repair.

Lubricated Chassis Parts

Depending on the car model, some are “lubed-for-life” while some still need regular chassis lubrication. You need to check your car manual. Your suspension components and replacement steering could also require periodic lubrication.

Check Your Filters

There are a number of filters that are crucial to your car longevity and should be maintained in excellent condition. They include fuel filter, engine air filter, and cabin air filter. Have them checked for clogging or damages. If the damages are beyond repair, you should have them replaced.

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